Windows Server 2008 64-bit setup.exe/bash problem - Amazon Cloud

Paolo Bonzini
Mon Sep 6 14:59:00 GMT 2010

On 08/12/2010 01:45 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >
> > So, this muse-ing of yours is not correct.
> To me this implies that the Amazon Cloud VMs have some BLODA installed
> by default.  I'm not going to check this voluntarily.  I suggest that
> somebody who wants to run Cygwin on such a machine investigates this
> further, or just asks Amazon to fix this and hope for the best.

I'm not into Cygwin development enough to know what a BLODA is, but you 
may like to know the bug is in the Xen hypervisor used by Amazon.  I 
don't know exactly what releases or Xen are affected, but for sure all 
RHEL5 (and CentOS 5) hypervisors are.

The reason why you see it only on 64-bit Windows, is that the bug is 
about Xen mishandling the SWAPGS instruction which, well, is only 
present in 64-bit processors and in 64-bit mode.


ps: KVM was also affected until last February.  I haven't checked if 
RHEL/CentOS KVM has the bug, but I'll ask fellow developers around about it.

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