cygwin-1.7.7-1 setup.exe errors and cygwin.bat/bash anomalies

Monte Cabet
Tue Sep 7 05:32:00 GMT 2010

  I get quite unique experiences with the new update. First, it didn't 
like to fulfill the dependencies, though it did state they were needed. 
To somewhat explain what I mean, I would do the very basic install and 
it would say that some files are required, but wouldn't install'em. Some 
reason, that's gone, but it's nicer-but-still-evil brother is here. This 
time around the new setup.exe continues after saying there is an 
abnormal exit code "-6", where as the other brother just said eff you 
and exited.

The truely unique portion is yet to come! The nicer-but-still-evil 
brother likes to fart around with the directory it starts in when I 
change directories in Double Commander (open source Total Commander). 
This never happened in the earlier version of Cygwin. To explain this, I 
open one tab to Cygwin and before I run the startup batch script, I 
could change to another tab and maybe get some music playing, then go 
back to Cygwin and run the batch script; volia! I now start in the 
folder with the music. Happens all the time. On the same point, in the 
earlier version of Cygwin my changes still started me in the home 
directory, but now if I just open Cygwin (instead of changing 
directories) I'm in the root folder. Not a "big" deal, but still out of 
the norm!

Now time for how I go about choosing my options from setup.exe because I 
know you all would like'em; install from internet -> 
"...Desktop\cygwin\cygwin-x" with All Users -> 
"...Desktop\cygwin\cygwin_local" -> Direct Connection -> -> ALL BASIC, NOTHING DONE HERE -> detects 
error, but click to continue.

That's all I did. I would like to know if anybody has/had a similar 
problem before I (figure out how to send a) bug report. Thank you, have 
a nice day.

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