cygwin-1.7.7-1 setup.exe errors and cygwin.bat/bash anomalies

Andy Koppe
Tue Sep 7 05:54:00 GMT 2010

On 7 September 2010 03:23, Monte Cabet wrote:
>  I get quite unique experiences with the new update. First, it didn't like
> to fulfill the dependencies, though it did state they were needed. To
> somewhat explain what I mean, I would do the very basic install and it would
> say that some files are required, but wouldn't install'em. Some reason,
> that's gone, but it's nicer-but-still-evil brother is here. This time around
> the new setup.exe continues after saying there is an abnormal exit code
> "-6", where as the other brother just said eff you and exited.
> The truely unique portion is yet to come! The nicer-but-still-evil brother
> likes to fart around with the directory it starts in when I change
> directories in Double Commander (open source Total Commander). This never
> happened in the earlier version of Cygwin. To explain this, I open one tab
> to Cygwin and before I run the startup batch script, I could change to
> another tab and maybe get some music playing, then go back to Cygwin and run
> the batch script; volia! I now start in the folder with the music. Happens
> all the time. On the same point, in the earlier version of Cygwin my changes
> still started me in the home directory, but now if I just open Cygwin
> (instead of changing directories) I'm in the root folder. Not a "big" deal,
> but still out of the norm!
> Now time for how I go about choosing my options from setup.exe because I
> know you all would like'em; install from internet ->
> "...Desktop\cygwin\cygwin-x" with All Users ->
> "...Desktop\cygwin\cygwin_local" -> Direct Connection ->
> -> ALL BASIC, NOTHING DONE HERE -> detects error,
> but click to continue.
> That's all I did. I would like to know if anybody has/had a similar problem
> before I (figure out how to send a) bug report. Thank you, have a nice day.

I couldn't make any sense of that. Please read this:


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