Problem with mouse events in XWin server

Jurgen Defurne
Tue Sep 7 14:01:00 GMT 2010

Dear all,

At work I use my portable as X server for a remote Linux machine. I can use
two brands of software, Reflection X, which is installed by our IT department,
or Cygwin XWin, which I install my self.

The application which I need to access is Continuus, which is Motif based.

What is now my problem? When I start Continuus using Reflection, I am missing
some fonts. I think it are the TTF and Type1 fonts that are missing,
but Reflection
cannot handle them.

When I start XWin using 'startxwin', I can connect to Continuus and I get my
missing fonts. However, there is something else that is now missing.

When one right-clicks on a screen element in Continuus, then a context
dependent menu should pop-up. However, with XWin this does not happen.

I used 'xev' to see the differences in mouse events, and in XWin I see the
following :

ButtonPress event, serial 21, synthetic NO, window 0x200001,
    root 0x44, subw 0x0, time 27589328, (123,42), root:(185,627),
    state 0x10, button 3, same_screen YES

while using Reflection X I see

ButtonPress event, serial 22, synthetic NO, window 0x400001,
    root 0x3b, subw 0x0, time 16229, (132,53), root:(184,187),
    state 0x0, button 3, same_screen YES

Btw. I had the same problem with our Sun server.

Other parts of the handling of mouse events also differ.

Reflection X only reports the ButtonPress and ButtonRelease events, while
XWin also leaves a MotionNotify event upon releasing the button.

Is there any way I can configure or influence this? I looked at xmodmap, but
that seems to be only concerned with keyboard mappings.



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