incredibly slow file listing script on windoze 7 pro 4 core 64 bit

mike marchywka
Tue Sep 7 17:01:00 GMT 2010

this takes a few minutes on old debian machine, taking much longer
here on same data-
about 19k file about 24Gb total size.
Windoze finally has better perf stuff but still no help- one core at
25 pct all kernel
time disk not exactly busy. All the time is in the "ls" loop not the
find command.
Now obbviously I expect the "ls" per file has to make a bunch of OS calls for
each file but still even with cygwin layer seems a bit much.

$ more tots
#ls -al `find -type f| awk '{print \$0}' `  | awk '{tot=tot+\$5; }END{print tot}
#ls -al `find -type f `  | awk '{tot=tot+$5; }END{print tot}'
find -type f > xxx
cat xxx | while read
ls -al "$REPLY"
done  | awk '{tot=tot+$5; }END{print tot}'

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