OpenGL linking problems

Wed Sep 8 12:53:00 GMT 2010

On 08/09/2010 12:24, David Doria wrote:
>> Since you don't give the link line which is causing the problem, I'd tend to assume the problem is [2]
>> [2]
> I looked at the make man page to try to see how to get make to tell me
> what it is doing (i.e. show the g++ commands that it is running so I
> can see the order of the -l vs the code file as you mentioned above).
> The only thing I saw was
> make --debug=v
> but that doesn't seem to show that information. Is this possible?

Oh, I guess you have a makefile generated by cmake? In which case you need 
make VERBOSE=1 to get it to show you what it is doing.

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