rsnapshot running with unix hosts

James Chase
Wed Sep 8 21:19:00 GMT 2010

> Why?  Windows still works as usual.  Only applications explicitely
> asking for case-sensitivity, like Cygwin, will actually use it.

Reading the below made me think this may create issues with applications 
already in use on the system and fundamentally alter the function of the 
OS. Also, rebooting isn't ideal. I understand with your clarification 
above that this shouldn't cause issues on the OS for maintaining a 
separate directory with case-sensitive backups so I'll schedule a reboot.

"Also, be aware that using two filenames which only differ by case might 
result in some weird interoperability issues with native Win32 
applications. You're using case-sensitivity at your own risk. You have 
been warned!"

> Case sensitivity requires OS support.  So the answer is yes.

Thanks for your help!

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