chmod -R 777*

Fri Sep 10 16:18:00 GMT 2010


I use windows XP on a small server. Lately I downloaded a software 
(hydrological computation) which asked me to install as well ‘cygwin’ and then 
to perform in cygwin window the command: ‘chmod –R 777 *’ in order to give 
writings permission and allow the software to perform. 
I admit, I did not check, this instruction came from serious people….But I 
started to frick out when I realized that this command did not only change the 
permission of files related to the software or cygwin, but of all the files on 
my computer, it even started to process on the content of a dvd that was in my 
computer and I stopped the process  since I was fearing that it would continue 
to the server’s disks…..

I immediately perform a system restore at 1week before, but I am not sure I am 
OK with the permissions of sensitives windows files. Indeed, the dll files in 
the windows/system folder show a read/execute and write permission to everyone 
for example. It might have been like this before the problem with the ‘chmod’, 
but I can not tell and I worry I did something wrong.

Is there any way to check the proper permission configuration on windows XP or 
to restore it?

Any suggestion or help will be very very appreciated.



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