chmod -R 777*

René Berber
Fri Sep 10 19:04:00 GMT 2010

On 9/10/2010 11:18 AM, René Berber wrote:
> On 9/10/2010 4:04 AM, Yohann wrote:
> [snip]
>> Is there any way to check the proper permission configuration on windows XP or 
>> to restore it?
> Windows doesn't care about permissions, it uses 777 for everything, and
> that is the default (everything has that permission, text, pictures,
> music, zip archives, ...).
> You don't need to change it, but if you do, you have to be careful to
> keep executables with the executable permission, or they won't run.

Also dynamic libraries need the executable bits to be used... just ran
into that one.  Windows sort of cares about permissions, probably that's
why the default is 777.
René Berber

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