Cygwin instabilities

Mon Sep 13 15:48:00 GMT 2010

Hello Larry,

>> What are the reasons? Will this be better with Windows 7? Can Cygwin
>> become "server stable"?
> You'll need to be more specific about the issues you're encountering
> and your configuration.  See <>.

I am not asking this to debug my own setup. I am rather ask for an
overall estimation of Cygwins current and future usability and

I am currently working on an OS product that depends on Cygwin as
POSIX layer. I would like to estimate the chances it will have, to be
usefull for many people.

It not, how to tweak Cygwin to run on some machines. It's, how big is
the percentage of windows machines, that will run a stable Cygwin with
the standard setup.exe setup.


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