Cygwin instabilities

Markus Hoenicka
Mon Sep 13 15:57:00 GMT 2010

Al <> was heard to say:

> I am not asking this to debug my own setup. I am rather ask for an
> overall estimation of Cygwins current and future usability and
> stability.

These two things are related. Remember that Cygwin is an open source  
project, and that it does not employ dozens of developers with the  
abstract task of increasing usability or stability. Both are increased  
by either debugging or at least properly reporting bugs. If you  
experience stability problems on your setup, then reporting this in  
all necessary detail is a sure step to increase future usability and  

> It not, how to tweak Cygwin to run on some machines. It's, how big is
> the percentage of windows machines, that will run a stable Cygwin with
> the standard setup.exe setup.

Who would keep counters of stable or instable setups? These number are  
exceptionally hard to come by. Even if this list is now flooded with  
"my setup works" and "mine too" posts, these numbers would not be  
representative. Users may have given up on Cygwin due to instabilities  
without notifying the list. Others may run Cygwin so happily they  
never think about joining the list. All you could do is to scan the  
Cygwin archives for "instabilities" (this is your term and arguably  
far too unspecific) and compare it to the number of instabilities  
reported for any run-of-the mill Linux in the same timeframe.

Just my 2cc


P.S. mine works

Markus Hoenicka
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