Cygwin instabilities

Mon Sep 13 19:12:00 GMT 2010

> You seem to be approaching this problem as if people will say "Ah!
> Stability issues! Right.  Well, ok, here's what you need to know."

It's not me thinking in the bug -> solution pattern here. I don't ask
for a solution.

> If you think that asking a group of strangers for help with a nebulously
> defined "instability" is really going to get you any useful responses
> then you must not be well-acquainted with open source.

I ask for an estimation. I ask people that work intensively with
Cygwin, to have a second opinion. Then I can compare it to the
non-cygwin-advocates. So please don't take it the wrong way. I don't
want to start a flame. Would be the wrong place anyway. :-)

> As a project lead, here's my advice: If you are concerned that Cygwin is
> unstable then buy support from Red Hat.  Then you have a guaranteed
> recourse if something doesn't work.

If I would sell closed source product, instead of devolping an OS one.

... but than I could advice the customer to buy the Interix layer instead.


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