Cygwin instabilities

Ramiro Polla
Mon Sep 13 19:21:00 GMT 2010

On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 10:19 AM, Al <> wrote:
> Others report that they don't use Cygwin because of instablilities,
> especially in the server context.

I've also been having "instabilities" in my "server context" (Windows
Server 2008 R2), but I have a few more concrete details:

I had 1.7.5 installed, and built gcc-3.4.6, gcc-4.2.4, and gcc-4.4.4
to use on a continuous integration test box. All went relatively fine.
I updated to 1.7.7 and kept using the toolchains built with 1.7.5. I
got that some of the build cycles would hang in "make" (in gcc.exe or
tr.exe actually) with "Bad address". The process would still appear in
pstree with a * and I had to "/usr/bin/kill -W" it. Since it seemed to
happen randomly, it wasn't easily reproducible, so I don't how or what
exactly to debug. Is there any way to try and trap that error? I could
also try to log everything with strace but I'm afraid that would
produce tons of data (the builds could run for hours before such error

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