Cygwin instabilities

Dave Korn
Mon Sep 13 19:23:00 GMT 2010

On 13/09/2010 17:35, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> You seem to be approaching this problem as if people will say "Ah!
> Stability issues! Right.  Well, ok, here's what you need to know."
> If we knew of stability issues they would be fixed.

  Well, I know of one, but haven't had time to fix it yet, so I keep this hack
in my local builds.  Can't run "make check -jN" without it, but even then it
sometimes locks up.

  The problem I've run into is that on a heavily loaded system, a pinfo struct
can get truncated into a redirector in between the time a syscall checks the
process_state (using ISSTATE or NOTSTATE) and the time it subsequently
attempts to access a pinfo member which it hoped to guard by that check.

  I have a bad feeling that the only way to totally resolve this is going to
be adding lots of locking or mutexing around pinfo calls, which is almost
bound to have performance implications :-(


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