Cygwin instabilities

Mon Sep 13 20:20:00 GMT 2010

> It depends on what is meant by "become".  If it means will there be a concerted
> effort to "harden" Cygwin for a server then the answer is likely "not unless
> someone pays for it."
> That points back to paying Red Hat for support.

I think you use the term support in the wrong field. It is the enduser
who buys support, not the developers.

Also the enduser doesn't buy support to make a product more stable.
It's works the other way. A stable product is choosen by more
endusers, which in return buy more support. So it's Red Hat, who has
to invest into stability of Cygwin to make it as succesfull as

If they don't see a challange in this, than Cygwin is in a kind of
cul-de-sac with Red Hat I guess.


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