Deletion race in NtSetFileInformation ? (Directory not empty error in rm -r -f)

Earl Chew
Tue Sep 14 22:11:00 GMT 2010

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> ...or having a cwd below the directory.  Trying to remove a directory
> which is the CWD of some process is the most common reason that the
> directory is blocked, because the Win32 CWD is opened without the
> FILE_SHARE_DELETE flag.  Especially something like `rm -rf ../foo'
> is suspicious, if foo is the CWD of the current shell.

Hmm ... the other thing that I just remembered is that I first noticed
this problem on 1.7.5-1 on Win7, and the thing that made me suspicious
was that replacing the offending command with:

	strace rm -f -r ...

made the command suddenly work! But ...

	sleep 1 ; rm -f -r ...

failed in the same way  :-(

I haven't tried reproducing this particular behaviour on 1.7.7 (yet).


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