Reinstalled gcc, make, automake: now BASH stackdumps L&R

SJ Wright
Tue Sep 14 22:16:00 GMT 2010

SJ Wright wrote:
> Might there be something else a little off?
> The text from the latest stackdump:
>> Stack trace:
>> Frame     Function  Args
> The rest is blank. Should I be concerned, or is this something that 
> will work itself out?
> Steve W.
A little more information that seems pertinent to this issue. These 
stackdumps are created whenever a shell is called on (as with the batch 
scripts that start up my RXVT) or when a subshell (#!/bin/bash) or a 
command (command sequence?) from same is invoked in a script. I've not 
seen them happen under any other circumstances since the reinstalls 
mentioned in the Subject line of my original post. This is annoying, as 
I have quite a few scripts I use both in Cygwin and in Ubuntu GNOME, and 
anyone can guess the hassle of having to adapt for one versus the other 
(taking out the crunch-bang line, specifically, or remembering to add it 

Running various options in cygcheck has so far given me the strong 
impression there's nothing wrong. Should I  run 'rebaseall' to see if 
I'm missing anything that vaguely or remotely supports bash.exe?

SJ Wright

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