tcsh filename substitution bug

Corinna Vinschen
Wed Sep 15 12:03:00 GMT 2010

On Sep 14 20:54, Keith Thompson wrote:
> % cygcheck -c cygwin tcsh
> Cygwin Package Information
> Package              Version         Status
> cygwin               1.7.5-1         OK
> tcsh            OK
> I've noticed that certain file matching patterns in tcsh under Cygwin
> are matching more files than they should.  In the cases I've noticed,
> a pattern like *__* or *xx* matches files containing only a single
> trailing '_' or 'x' character, respectively.
> I do not see this problem with tcsh 6.17.00 under Ubuntu 9.04, nor do
> I see it with tcsh 6.17.00 compiled from source under Cygwin on the
> same system where I see the problem with the Cygwin-provided tcsh.

The version in the distro has been built from a more recent
upstream CVS.  The reason was that I added the missing wide char
capability for systems with sizeof(wchar_t) == 2 (aka Windows/Cygwin) to
tcsh, and I wanted the Cygwin users to get this new capability asap.

Unfortunately the bug you're reporting was also part of the CVS version
I used to build the Cygwin release version.  It has been fixed upstream
in the meantime.  At least I can't reproduce it with upstream CVS.

Apparently tcsh 6.18.00 is due soon, so I just wait until it has been
officially released to release a new Cygwin tcsh version as well.


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