Reinstalled gcc, make, automake: now BASH stackdumps L&R

SJ Wright
Thu Sep 16 07:50:00 GMT 2010

Dave, all:

I'm just wondering why bash, or any shell, in Cygwin, or any environment 
where it was able to run, would bother creating stack-dump files with 
headers but no data. I haven't got the knowledge to parse and peruse the 
cygcheck.out file I created, but I did take a close look at my config 
files (the ones directly related, by name and function as much as I am 
aware, to bash -- .bash_profile, .bash_aliases and .bashrc). I also 
discovered that when this one-line stackdump file is created in the 
"special" folder I assigned to this batch script I typically use to 
start rxvt, a totally empty one is created in my home folder.

On the Windows side of things, I happen to be experiencing what I've 
come to call "black before claque." It's that long lag of black screen 
betwee the Windows XP splash fading out and one's login prompt screen 
coming up. I've read on a few sites that appear to be reputable (perhaps 
M$ among them) that this is a sure sign that one's boot drive is 
starting to fail. Could this stackdumping be merely a side effect of that.

I started in legacy Mac OS. As boot drives on that side, in those days, 
failed, even weirder things were bound to happen  Imagine every icon in 
your Apple menu and System Folder going generic but all the other icons 
everywhere else on the system staying perfectly OK -- until you run 
Netscape or QuickTime Player -- this was well before iTunes --  and they 
all "cheese out". (Happened.)

Steve W.

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