Perplexing endless setup at /etc/postinstall stage: 2 hours and counting

Thu Sep 16 14:41:00 GMT 2010

Over the years I've read many accounts of setup stalling / hanging / 
taking forever / ... at the /etc/postinstall stage. This has never, 
ever, happened to me, and I've always assumed the underlying cause to be 
some minor local problem with the poster's platform or implementation.
Until today. I've tried twice to install Cygwin to a fresh formatted 
NTFS stick and on both occasions the installation has become stuck at
It's not that everything has halted. The stick's little green activity 
light is flashing away, and has never stopped; so something is going on 
- but after 2 hours I'm assuming it's some kind of faulty endless loop 
rather than the proper progression to completion.
Could press Cancel (as I did at the first attempt) but while _something_ 
is happening I'm inclined to hang around a bit longer, and see.
Any clues? Anything odd/ miscast about which [for the 
moment] I'm not in a position to scrutinise myself?
Thank you,

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