More on that stackdump issue

SJ Wright
Fri Sep 17 05:58:00 GMT 2010

1. Lost red bold text - the escape code for red bold returns white bold; 
curiously, the code for yellow plain and yellow underline or any yellow 
against a background other than black, return as red.
2. Any "missed" command or command or script not found throws a line 
"Aborted" and then a standard prompt.
3. If I happen to keep a bash.exe.stackdump or sh.exe.stackdump in a 
given folder without deleting it with an rm command or moving it to the 
Recycle Bin from Explorer, no matter what the error may be afterward, 
new ones are not created. It's as if the initial one/s is/are being used 
as placeholder/s for catching future errors. However, they neither 
change their timestamp nor is any data added to the content of the file 
when new "errors" occur.

I hope this peculiar issue hasn't been forgotten by the experts on the 
list. I should apologise for the peculiar tangent of my last post.

Steve Wright

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