Cygwin + Python: unable to remap

Mark Geisert
Fri Sep 17 07:37:00 GMT 2010

Al writes:
> 2010/9/16 Mark Geisert <XXXX <at> XXXXXX.XXX>:

Please don't feed the spammers.

> >> >     cygncurses5.dll => /home/prefix/gentoo/usr/bin/cygncurses5.dll
> >> > (0x10000000)
> >
> > This one is below the sixty million value that Reini described as
> Now what do I make of that. Do I tell it to be loaded elsewhere? Any
> helpful link?

You want 'rebase' from the 'rebase' package.  Use setup.exe to install it
if you don't have it already.  After installation, it's documented in a
text file /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/rebase*README.

You get to choose the base address to rebase the dll to.  'rebaseall',
from the same package, defaults to seventy million (= 0x70000000) so that
could be good.

If you've built other dlls in the same directory you might as well run
rebase or rebaseall on all of them to avoid future issues of this type.


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