Cygwin + Python: unable to remap

Reini Urban
Fri Sep 17 09:24:00 GMT 2010

2010/9/17 Mark Geisert:
> Al writes:
>> 2010/9/16 Mark Geisert:
>> >> >     cygncurses5.dll => /home/prefix/gentoo/usr/bin/cygncurses5.dll
>> >> > (0x10000000)
>> >
>> > This one is below the sixty million value that Reini described as
> suspicious.
>> Now what do I make of that. Do I tell it to be loaded elsewhere? Any
>> helpful link?
> You want 'rebase' from the 'rebase' package.  Use setup.exe to install it
> if you don't have it already.  After installation, it's documented in a
> text file /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/rebase*README.
> You get to choose the base address to rebase the dll to.  'rebaseall',
> from the same package, defaults to seventy million (= 0x70000000) so that
> could be good.
> If you've built other dlls in the same directory you might as well run
> rebase or rebaseall on all of them to avoid future issues of this type.

It's not that simple :)

rebaseall only rebases the exact dll's which were installed from your
packager (setup.exe),
but not any other dll's used at run-time - shadowing system dll's as
in your case, or added dependencies as with perl or python.

python or perl are favorites adding additional dll's to your run-time
because you
can and should simply add external library bindings by yourself.

In your case the simpliest fix would be to remove your /home/prefix/gentoo...
prefix from your path.
Or, if you have to, rebase your added dll to the same address as the original.

objdump -p $1 |grep ImageBase |cut -c12-
Reini Urban 

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