Cygwin + Python: unable to remap

Fri Sep 17 11:07:00 GMT 2010

> It's not that simple :)
> rebaseall only rebases the exact dll's which were installed from your
> packager (setup.exe),
> but not any other dll's used at run-time - shadowing system dll's as
> in your case, or added dependencies as with perl or python.

Hmmm, that leads to the conclusion, that I have to write a customized
rebaseall or a wrapper for it.

> python or perl are favorites adding additional dll's to your run-time
> because you
> can and should simply add external library bindings by yourself.
> In your case the simpliest fix would be to remove your /home/prefix/gentoo...
> prefix from your path.

My target is to get full controll of the sources, versions and patches.


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