Cygwin + Python: unable to remap

Jason Tishler
Fri Sep 17 11:24:00 GMT 2010


On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 11:24:10AM +0200, Al wrote:
> > It's not that simple :)
> >
> > rebaseall only rebases the exact dll's which were installed from your
> > packager (setup.exe),
> > but not any other dll's used at run-time - shadowing system dll's as
> > in your case, or added dependencies as with perl or python.
> Hmmm, that leads to the conclusion, that I have to write a customized
> rebaseall or a wrapper for it.

The rebase README indicates the following:

The following is the rebaseall command line syntax:

    rebaseall [-b BaseAddress] [-o Offset] [-T FileList | -] [-v]


    -b => base address used by rebase (default: 0x70000000)
    -o => offset between each DLL rebased (default: 0x10000)
    -s => specify DLL suffix, use multiple if necessary (default: dll, so)
    -T => specify filelist (or stdin) to list additional files
    -v => verbose (default: off)

You just need to use the -T option and specify the addition DLLs to


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