simplifying rebaseall

Charles Wilson
Fri Sep 17 16:18:00 GMT 2010

On 9/17/2010 10:39 AM, Al wrote:
> A second thought. I wonder if reabaseall could be improved to run from
> within bash, without the need to close down all running windows. Then
> it could even be included into build scripts to be run after each
> build.

No, because the DLLs used by bash are OFTEN the ones that actually DO
need to be rebased (because they are used by darn near everything, so we
need to ensure that their image base does not conflict with anything
else): libintl, libiconv, libncurses, ...

> Assuming that those DLL which are up and running typically don't need
> to be rebased, couldn't one simply exclude them from being rebased?
> I.e. with on option:
> rebaseall --exclude-loaded

You're missing the point of rebaseALL.  Murphy says that if you don't
rebase dll A, then dll A *will* be the culprit the next time you get
that 'unable to remap' error.

With regards to your earlier .bat file idea...Meh. You shouldn't need to
DO it that often -- certainly not often enough to clutter your start
menu or desktop with a shortcut!


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