Unacceptable behavior -- slowing down script execution

SJ Wright sjwright68@charter.net
Fri Sep 17 17:22:00 GMT 2010

Hi folks.

Through fits and starts, and with no more feedback from the list than 
Dave Korn's self-admitted "wild guess" about gcclib1 folders etc, my 
Cygwin is no longer shedding empty shell stack-dump files like dandruff. 
But certain things are continuing to alarm me. I'll put them in the form 
of questions and whoever knows the answers, please take the time to do so.

1. Is it normal behavior, once rxvt is launched, for cmd.exe to remain 
running as a process?
2. Using a batch-to-executable utility, I converted a customized 
rxvt-launching .bat file into an executable. Should this also stay open 
as a process in Task Manager once its work is done?
3. Is it normal behavior for one BASH script to spawn more than one 
4. Is it normal for any script to run CPU usage up to 100%?

Regarding #4:
I have a script that I ran in GNOME Terminal less than an hour ago. I 
"time"d it -- the return was 20.6 seconds on the first line (real?). I 
ran the same script fifteen minutes later, evaluating identical files of 
the same type, length (5.37kb and 345b ASCII text) and time stamp, and 
after 7 minutes it was barely one-eighth complete. That's when I checked 
Task Manager and found my CPU usage was at 100% and three bash.exe's 
were running simultaneously. Admittedly the script calls on several 
externals, but considering the difference in completion times  -- I 
estimate that had I not interrupted the process with ctrl-c, the Cygwin 
run would have taken just under 40 minutes to finish -- _and the fact 
that it spawned an unusual number of subshells, it doesn't speak highly 
for Cygwin as a viable option or means for people to "keep their hand 
in" w/re their  Unix skill-sets.

5. Is this a bug peculiar to this version/build of Cygwin? I don't 
recall any such issues when running complicated scripts before 1.7.x.

Hoping someone can answer any or all of the foregoing.

Cheers, SJ Wright

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