simplifying rebaseall

Fri Sep 17 18:07:00 GMT 2010


I appreciate you take the time to contribute all that information.
Hope it is not only red by me.

> Now, surely that is a lot of hunting around -- but I can only assume
> that many people did so, since you are apparently the first person to
> fail to locate the documentation when faced with the question "How do I
> run rebaseall"?

I wasn't faced with that question. I was face with error messages.
Google guided me by this messages (and many others) to exactly this
blog first:

... not to Cygwin list, not to the readme, not to the FAQ. The blog
rather tells how to run rebaseall not much why. The comments document
well that many people follow that advice without any knowledge of any
readme. You don't even find the word readme on that blog.

> See above.  Most of that should be very familiar to a person with "10
> years of Linux experience" -- except for the bit about "Cygwin packages
> often put a cygwin-specific README file in /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/"

It's familiar that regular programs have a doc, man etc. It's also
familiar that small maintenance scripts don't have. Even your posting
has more lines the he rebaseall script itself. So you wouldn't really
follow the search path for docs you give here. That there is a readme
for such a small script is the positive execption. But I have doubts
that many people will find it.


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