Instead of a gripe, a memory-jog.

SJ Wright
Sat Sep 18 11:35:00 GMT 2010

Having recently by accident trashed my home folder, and having had to 
rebuild from one saved from a much older install (1.7.0 or even 
earlier), I noticed my man pages were again displaying with garbage text 
in between the readable text -- nonprintable characters, Unicode litter 
and the like. I remembered Corinna Vinschen had posted something quite a 
while back in a topic thread that dealt with this issue; I am sure it 
made it into the archives for this list, but I wasn't able to find it. I 
vaguely recalled one detail had something to do with setting one's 
environment variable to C instead of C.utf_8 or even en_us.utf8.  So 
just as a trial-and-error, not-so-monstrous-it-cant-be-changed-back sort 
of thing, I tried it and opened the man page for an application that 
didn't come from any of the usual places (at least not in the version or 
build I happen to be running) and it worked like a charm. Now I just 
have to *string around the finger time* remember to change the LANG line 
in System>Advanced>Environment Variables {or its alternate route via My 
Computer, which I'm sure most of you know} to the same thing.

Plain old *C*. Whowuddathottitt?

Steve Wright

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