simplifying rebaseall

Sat Sep 18 21:48:00 GMT 2010

>> A second thought. I wonder if reabaseall could be improved to run from
>> within bash, without the need to close down all running windows. Then
>> it could even be included into build scripts to be run after each
>> build.
> No, because the DLLs used by bash are OFTEN the ones that actually DO
> need to be rebased (because they are used by darn near everything, so we
> need to ensure that their image base does not conflict with anything
> else): libintl, libiconv, libncurses, ...

What I suggest isn't that usefull when you think to base all
DLL that have been installed by setup.exe. It becomes usefull in the
moment the user starts to compile his own DLL especially if he used
scripts to control compilation. To compile somethng is a typical use
of cygwin.

I try to be more precise. Let's call it rebaseplus, but it's
code is to 80% similar to rebaseall and duplication of code has known

Once rebaseall has been run from ash we can be sure the listed DLLs
have sane addresses and bash does work. Now rebaseplus can be run from
within bash (and scripts) using a user contributed list of DLL (-T-option).
It would base the user contributed DLL into a different address space than
rebaseall does.


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