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Steven Hartland
Sun Sep 19 10:39:00 GMT 2010

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From: "Christopher Faylor"

>>What I suggest isn't that usefull when you think to base all
>>DLL that have been installed by setup.exe. It becomes usefull in the
>>moment the user starts to compile his own DLL especially if he used
>>scripts to control compilation. To compile somethng is a typical use
>>of cygwin.
> No, it really isn't.

I'd beg to differ; I'd suggest it is, as suggested by the OP,
actually quite a common use. You only have to look at the use of
say perl and you will have users quite regularly compiling their
own DLL's as they install modules via CPAN, and this is quite painful
due to all the issues it can present with rebase.

While I love cygwin, I must say that its supporting community can
be very dismissive of its users to the point of alienating potential
contributors. I myself has have experienced this on several occasions
and have ended up finding myself not raising issues that affect us
daily for fear of being shot down for no more reason that someone
doesn't "think" its import to fix or should "work" that way anyway
or even doesn't like the way you structured you post.

To reiterate I still think that developers deserve much respect
and thanks for all the effort they put in, but a little more open
mindedness and approachability like that which can be found in other
open source communities such as SFU and FreeBSD wouldn't go a miss
sometimes ;-)


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