Cygwin and symlink

Andy Koppe
Sun Sep 19 20:03:00 GMT 2010

On 19 September 2010 11:26, Angelo Graziosi wrote:
> I remember that some time ago (don't when, sigh!) if I had
> $ ln -sf foo.pdf slnk_foo.pdf
> I was able to read 'slnk_foo.pdf' double clicking on its icon from Explorer
> or 'Computer Resources'. Now AR complains and I can't read it.
> Is this to be expected?

Yep. They're just UTF-16 text files with special attributes now.

> BTW, I remember also that the icon of 'slnk_foo.pdf' had the symbol of a
> link (like an 'arrow'), now it is as other PDF files icon.
> When there was the 'transmutation'?  :-)

Cygwin 1.7. Set CYGWIN=winsymlinks to switch to the old behaviour. See

Or use a hard link instead of a symlink. Or, if you're on Vista or 7,
create a native Windows symlink using cmd.exe's mklink builtin (which
you can call from bash using 'cmd /c mklink').


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