Instead of a gripe, a memory-jog.

SJ Wright
Tue Sep 21 16:30:00 GMT 2010

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Sep 18 07:00, SJ Wright wrote:
>> Having recently by accident trashed my home folder, and having had
>> to rebuild from one saved from a much older install (1.7.0 or even
>> earlier), I noticed my man pages were again displaying with garbage
>> text in between the readable text -- nonprintable characters,
>> Unicode litter and the like. I remembered Corinna Vinschen had
>> posted something quite a while back in a topic thread that dealt
>> with this issue; I am sure it made it into the archives for this
>> list, but I wasn't able to find it. I vaguely recalled one detail
>> had something to do with setting one's environment variable to C
>> instead of C.utf_8 or even en_us.utf8.
> Ouch.  Wrong on both accounts.  Either "C.UTF-8, or "C.utf-8", or
> "C.utf8", or "en_US.UTF-8" or "en_US.utf-8" or "en_US.utf8".  Dash yes,
> underscore no.  The territory must be written in uppercase.
> The User's Guide might be a good start:
> Corinna
Yes. I noticed where I had the territory mis-cased the next time I ran 
wget. In the line that identified the file and URL for each download, 
double-quotes and other punctuation became garbage characters, where 
they hadn't been when I either had *no* LANG variable set or a 
correctly-written one. So now it's fixed. Thanks again.

SJ Wright

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