It's raining stackdumps

SJ Wright
Tue Sep 21 21:53:00 GMT 2010

Gary wrote:
> And empty ones at that.
> I see this was mentioned previously but didn't see a resolution.
> For me it is definitely happening in emacs (which since I spend most of
> my time in it, is maybe not that surprising), and is possibly related to
> running make via 'M-x compile'.
> I use mintty, so it isn't related to rxvt and batch files or something.
> It's a bit hard to track down since it doesn't happen anything like
> every time.
Yep. I was the one who complained my two primary shells were 
stackdumping like flaky pastry. And you're right, there doesn't seem to 
be much in the way of resolution coming from The Board.

emacs, you say? Well, that sort of trims it down -- I did go through the 
paces of installing emacs, xemacs and a few lighter-weight support utils 
-- trying at long last to get myself acclimated with a "real" 
developer's/scripter's editor or edit suite that wasn't Winz or Mac OS X 
-- and it was not too long after that these stackdumps and a few 
problems with compiles started happening.

Here I thought it might have been my bsdtar install going South. Seemed 
to make sense -- it's about as big as bash-completion, but then again, 
so is emacs.

Until we're corrected on this score, I suppose we'll have to ass-u-me 
that emacs and the dot we're on to the right of "Sexy and 1.7" are not 
getting along as swimmingly as they could be.

"A splendid time is guaranteed for some" (sorry JWOL -- had to do it.)

Steve W.

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