how to enable the very convenient copy/paste editing method in Cgywin?

Tue Sep 21 23:42:00 GMT 2010

Thanks so much! I finally got it working as I am expecting!

Jeremy Bopp-3 wrote:
> On 09/21/2010 05:05 PM, bsmile wrote:
>> Marco atzeri-3 wrote:
>>> --- Mar 21/9/10, Eric Blake  ha scritto:
>>>>> I installed Cgywin(don't know how to see its version
>>>> number) under windows xp
>>>>> and so far so good. However, there is one thing very
>>>> inconvenient for me to
>>>>> use Cgywin, that is, I cannot highlight a text to copy
>>>> and right button to
>>>>> paste. I am wondering how I can get back this beloved
>>>> feature. Any advices
>>>>> are greatly appreciated!
>>>> Use mintty or rxvt instead of the windows console.
>>> Only mintty please, rxvt should be considered obsolete as 
>>> cygwin uses now UTF8 and rxvt can't.
>>> Moreover we have a really present mintty maintainer
>>> while rxvt is dead upstream
>>> Marco
>> Thanks, both! I will install mintty, but really cannot follow the next
> step
>> ...
>> So far the Cygwin is launched through some DOS batch file, thus I
> don't care
>> what's behind. So if to use mintty, what should I do? Where should
> mintty be
>> installed(any directory under windows or extract to some directory under
>> Cygwin, which I suppose do not talk to windows)? Further explanations are
>> really appreciated!
> You can install Mintty by selecting the mintty package in Cygwin's
> setup.exe.  Just run setup.exe again and select the mintty package when
> you get to the package selection panel without changing any of the other
> settings that are already there on other panels.  Once installed, you
> will find a shortcut for starting a Cygwin session within Mintty in your
> start menu.  I'm pretty sure it will be in the Cygwin group.
> -Jeremy
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