how to enable the very convenient copy/paste editing method in Cgywin?

Wed Sep 22 01:54:00 GMT 2010

Isn't cygwin the graphic environment? If mintty invokes cygwin, I would
expect it to have full feature of support such an environment. But I will
try installing xwin32 to see how it works out,

Jeremy Bopp-3 wrote:
> On 09/21/2010 06:44 PM, bsmile wrote:
>> Eric Blake-3 wrote:
>>> On 09/21/2010 03:52 PM, bsmile wrote:
>>>> I installed Cgywin(don't know how to see its version number) under
>>>> windows xp
>>>> and so far so good. However, there is one thing very inconvenient for
>>>> me
>>>> to
>>>> use Cgywin, that is, I cannot highlight a text to copy and right button
>>>> to
>>>> paste. I am wondering how I can get back this beloved feature. Any
>>>> advices
>>>> are greatly appreciated!
>>> Use mintty or rxvt instead of the windows console.
>> I am now using mintty. Although it enables copy/paste as the way in
> linux, it
>> does not seem to support -X option of ssh. I want to run gnuplot on a
> remote
>> computer and send the graph back to the local computer for me to see,
> and I
>> use ssh -X to set up the connection. But gnuplot fails and the following
>> information is sent back
>> gnuplot: unable to open display ''
>> gnuplot: X11 aborted.
>> This does not seem to go with cygwin. Any idea towards this?
> You need to install and run the X server.  Mintty is just a terminal.
> Install the xorg-server package.  I think the program you'll need to
> arrange to run is XWin32 or maybe XWin.
> -Jeremy
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