how to enable the very convenient copy/paste editing method in Cgywin?

SJ Wright
Wed Sep 22 02:44:00 GMT 2010

Marco Atzeri wrote:
> --- Mar 21/9/10, Eric Blake  ha scritto:
>> Use mintty or rxvt instead of the windows console.
> Only mintty please, rxvt should be considered obsolete as 
> cygwin uses now UTF8 and rxvt can't.
New on me. I'll  start using mintty asap. Must be better than 
Terminator. I did a cutesy thing with an echo-ed ellipse to mark time 
while a script iterated over some lines in a list: rxvt wrapped each 
unbroken string to 80 characters while Terminator ran them off the 
right-hand side of the window before doing so. You set it as many times 
as you want to 80x24 or 80x40 (or whatever) and it still does what it 
pleases. Except that Console2 unerringly preferred my old MinGW .bashrc 
file to my Cygwin one, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for a 
tabbed terminal emulator.

How's mintty on that btw?
> Moreover we have a really present mintty maintainer
> while rxvt is dead upstream
> Marco
That's good to know, too. It's always better to use something that's 
being maintained consistently by the author or a well-acquainted 
successor. Even "Kompozer with a K and a Z" blew serious wind until the 
Mozilla team brought it back under their umbrella. Not likely to happen 
to rxvt -- the variants are better. I was going to suggest adapting 
mrxvt to "play both sides of the fence," but if the trend is toward 
mintty, I'll go with the flow.

Steve W.

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