how to enable the very convenient copy/paste editing method in Cgywin?

Csaba Raduly
Wed Sep 22 13:29:00 GMT 2010

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 1:26 PM, Andy Koppe  wrote:
> On 22 September 2010 11:11, Csaba Raduly wrote:
>> I just tried Ctrl+Tab and the mintty window simply disappeared,
>> leaving the shell process (bash or ssh) behind without a window
>> (visible or otherwise). :(
> Uh oh. Works fine for me of course, so here's a load of questions:
> - What versions of mintty, Cygwin, and Windows were you using?

mintty 0.8.3
CYGWIN_NT-6.0 EV0017A4D11749 1.7.7(0.230/5/3) 2010-08-31 09:58 i686 Cygwin
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6001] , that is, Vista SP1

> - Are any 3rd party window/taskbar/tray management utilities involved?
> AutoHotkey?

Nothing I can think of, except maybe Rainmeter.

> - Did you confirm that the mintty process had died, or could the
> window just have been hidden?

Netcr^H^H^H^H Process explorer confirms it: the process is gone.

> - How many mintty windows were open at the time? Were any of them minimised?

Four, initially; fewer and fewer afterwards :)
They were all maximized one behind another.

> - Can you reproduce the problem?

Yes, it's still happening.
mintty 0.4.4 from Cygwin 1.5 is unaffected. It just flashes and puts
5I on the commandline.

> If you want a workaround, you can disable the Ctrl[+Shift]+Tab
> shortcuts on the Keys page of the options, in which case they'll send
> keycodes to the application instead. (Btw, those can be mapped to
> switch session in GNU screen.)

I can just refrain from using Ctrl+Tab :)
I wasn't using it for anything, I just wanted to see the "switch
between mintty widows" feature in action.

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