strange crashes on invocation

Christopher Faylor
Fri Sep 24 09:26:00 GMT 2010

On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 04:11:09PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 12:13:42PM -0500, Heath Kehoe wrote:
>>  I have a build system that uses rake under cygwin, and every so often 
>>a build tool will crash on invocation:
>>       1 [main] bclanc 1576! C:\budcat\tools\bin\bclanc.exe: *** fatal 
>>error - could not load w, Win32 error 998
>>Stack trace:
>>Frame     Function  Args
>>00289F44  6102740B  (00289F44, 00000000, 00000000, 00000000)
>>0028A234  6102740B  (61179C20, 00008000, 00000000, 6117B997)
>>0028B264  61004B2B  (6117B084, 61163DD0, 00000000, 00000000)
>>0028B4C4  6100137A  (61053A9A, 00000168, 00000002, 00000002)
>>bclanc is a tool compiled under cygwin that uses a few win32 APIs 
>>(Semaphore, CriticalSection, CreateThread). Unfortunately, this crash 
>>doesn't happen very often (maybe once every few hundred invocations). 
>>The build system does parallel processing similar to "make -jN", so 
>>there may be several build tools and compilers (both cygwin and 
>>non-cygwin) running or being invoked at any given time.
>>I tried setting the CYGWIN env variable (export 
>>CYGWIN="error_start:C:\cygwin\bin\gdb.exe") but gdb does not come up 
>>when this crash happens, so I'm at a loss for how to gather more info.
>>I checked against the BLODA, and I uninstalled Symantec Endpoint 
>>Protection in case it was causing any problems, however I still get 
>>these crashes. I don't have anything else on the BLODA.
>>My OS is Win7 x64. Cygwin is built from CVS as of 2010-09-21 12:11 
>>(though I'm pretty sure I've seen this on 1.7.7 as well)
>If you're building this yourself then you'll have to investigate
>what function is associated with 0x6102740B.  You can use addr2line
>or gdb for that.

Nevermind.  This is my week for not completely reading email.  The
error message above exposes a bug in cygwin which is now rectifies
in CVS.  Unfortunately, it just fixes the bug in reporting the name
of the dll.


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