Cygwin instabilities

Sat Sep 25 15:38:00 GMT 2010

>> What are the reasons? Will this be better with Windows 7? Can Cygwin
>> become "server stable"?
> Windows 7 was not better for me. More system DLL's and footprint, much
> more rebase problems.
> Sometimes I can only stop MSIE and MS Outlook to continue to work in
> my mintty shells.

:-( I always thought Vista was the ugly prototype and Windows 7 would
become the lean new system, that brings back the fun. No, that brings
the fun. There was never much fun in Windows, although I personally
like the mere surface of Vista.

> "Server stable" in ISP terms of course not. It's still just Windows,
> with all its known weaknesses.
> But ISP's are still selling and using windows servers.

Yes, in terms of ISP. It's not the Desktop users complaints. As a
developer I can react immediatly, if something goes wrong. The admins

I have done much progress with the evaluation of the Prefix
bootstrapping process meanwhile. That was 4 weeks work to solve all

In a few days I will put that all into one big script. Then I will
see, if the whole process will go through over night or where
instabilities will occur. In that case I will be able to report more
details of instabilities.


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