cdargs usage

Robert Mark
Sun Sep 26 14:58:00 GMT 2010

Hi All,

> I am confused about how to use cdargs. I have been reading these two pages:
> They reference things that don't seem to work on Cygwin.
> For example, they both say to source - which isn't
> present on Cygwin. I do have these:
> /usr/share/cdargs/
> /usr/share/cdargs/
> /usr/share/cdargs/
> And they mention a bunch of aliases I don't have, like ca, cdb. And I
> read somewhere else about a mark command I don't have.
> How do I set myself up to use these?

Well, I worked out this much thanks to man cdargs:

I can construct my own functions to "mark" a cdargs directory and then
"cdb" into it.

function cdb() {
   cdargs "$1" && cd "`cat "$HOME/.cdargsresult"`" ;

function mark() {
   cdargs --add=:$1:` cygpath -u -a .`

cd /blah/blah
mark blah
cdb blah


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