My bash shell suddenly has "X-ray vision"

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Sep 27 04:46:00 GMT 2010

On 9/25/2010 9:27 PM, SJ Wright wrote:
> Or is it just the difference in encodings?
> In scripts and config/convenience files like .bashrc or .bash_aliases, it can
>  see *through* "crunches" (#), which are supposed to make a line of text
> invisible to a shell <or am I wrong on that?>
> Could it be because I added a LANG variable and have been turning out
> not-quite-UTF-8 stuff from my one or two text editors? The only guess I can
> make with my limited knowledge is that, once UTF8 is set or enabled,
> ISO-8859-1 "crunches," for all practical purposes, are meaningless to the
> shell. or am I wrong on that as well?
> A little help, please. This isn't making a whole lot of sense. What good are
>  rules for comments if, when a new text encoding or environment variable is
> applied/undertaken/invoked, they become null and void? (Might as well go back
> to REM: from CLI BASIC.)

I suggest you run 'd2u' on the files and see if that helps.  If it does, you
know that some editing you did on those files introduced DOS/Windows line

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