My bash shell suddenly has "X-ray vision"

SJ Wright
Mon Sep 27 11:28:00 GMT 2010

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> On 9/25/2010 9:27 PM, SJ Wright wrote:
>> Or is it just the difference in encodings?
>> In scripts and config/convenience files like .bashrc or 
>> .bash_aliases, it can
>>  see *through* "crunches" (#), which are supposed to make a line of text
>> invisible to a shell <or am I wrong on that?>
>> Could it be because I added a LANG variable and have been turning out
>> not-quite-UTF-8 stuff from my one or two text editors? The only guess 
>> I can
>> make with my limited knowledge is that, once UTF8 is set or enabled,
>> ISO-8859-1 "crunches," for all practical purposes, are meaningless to 
>> the
>> shell. or am I wrong on that as well?
>> A little help, please. This isn't making a whole lot of sense. What 
>> good are
>>  rules for comments if, when a new text encoding or environment 
>> variable is
>> applied/undertaken/invoked, they become null and void? (Might as well 
>> go back
>> to REM: from CLI BASIC.)
> I suggest you run 'd2u' on the files and see if that helps.  If it 
> does, you
> know that some editing you did on those files introduced DOS/Windows line
> endings.
I did something slightly different, inspired by your suggestion. I wrote 
up a quickie script to get the magic number returns from 'find' on all 
my dotfiles. This after running several different combinations of 'cat' 
with options. Re ALL the files in question:  there were *NO* ^M markers 
at the end of any line.  I regard running dos2unix a waste of time if I 
don't see some indication of non-Unix encoding/formatting on a file or 
files ahead of time. And I may not know much but I know what to look 
for. Or maybe you'd prefer to take up the subject of what saves which 
correctly with the developers of Emerald Editor, which I use both in 
Windows and Ubu Linux to compose scripts and edit dotfiles regularly 
when I'm not in the mood for the mouseless approach vi and nano restrict 
one to.

A solution that's not a solution isn't even worth considering (was that 
Einstein or Schrodinger? Maybe it was Dr Moore.)

steve w

Attached is the output to text of that script (which returned as 
"*magic_returns_dotfiles.txt: ASCII text*" one-half second ago).

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