git stopped working with 1.7.1

Bill Hoffman
Tue Sep 28 00:53:00 GMT 2010

On 9/27/2010 3:59 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> And, when I tried this, it pointed to an actual problem in git rather than
> a problem in Cygwin so that limits what is meant by "developer".
> Isn't git normally used for source control management by programmers?
> If this is such a bad problem why isn't one of those programmers looking
> into it and proposing a fix?  That's one of the reasons for free
> software - you can fix the problems yourself.
> And, before someone inevitably opines that I'm just being mean, I have
> to point out that this really is how many open source projects work.
> People who are not maintainers actually do propose fixes.
I agree.

Also, I admit that I am fishing for a developer that might be interested 
in fixing this.  I also wanted to make the connection between the 
threads so that if someone did want to take a look at this, they would 
know how to reproduce it.

Christopher, I did have a question on the old thread that went 
un-answered. I was wondering exactly what process you used to determine 
that it was git that was having a stack issue.  It would be helpful as a 
starting point for a developer to try and fix this issue.  I would be 
interested in repeating your experiment myself if I had that information.



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