New GCC? (Was: Re: Vim segv'ing)

Chris Sutcliffe
Fri Jul 1 23:00:00 GMT 2011

On 1 July 2011 15:36, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
> I know Yaakov has asked a few times now, it would really be nice to
> have a 4.5.x release of the native Cygwin compiler.  I'm curious if
> the issues I'm having with the latest rtorrent / libtorrent release
> are a result of a compiler bug.

I've confirmed that using Yaakov's GCC 4.5.3 from Cygwin ports fixes
the constant crash issues I've been struggling with in the latest
libtorrent / rtorrent.

> Dave, any chance on a new release?

Please.  :)

Thank you,


Chris Sutcliffe

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