Undo taking of ownership of LocalService & NetworkService file trees

Andrew Hancock andymhancock@gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 03:29:00 GMT 2011

On a Windows XP system, I was using an administrator account to take
ownership of file trees belonging to deleted accounts, with the aim of
deleting those file trees.  Unfortunately, I issued a recursive chown
from "c:\Documents and Settings" rather than "c:\Documents and
Settings\DeletedUser".  Now the LocalService and NetworkService file
trees are also owned by Administrator.  I checked another XP system to
find that these file trees should belong to LOCAL SERVICE and NETWORK
SERVICE, respectively.  I can't seem to be able to use the Windows
method of assigning ownership back to these original owners because
they don't show up in the list of names that I am given to choose
from, presumably because they are not normal accounts.  (The panel for
doing this is accessed by pulling up a file/folder's Properties panel,
choosing Security tab, clicking Advanced to bring up Advanced Security
Settings panel, and choosing the Owner tab).

Would it suffice to use chown to force ownership back to the strings
"LOCAL SERVICE" and "NETWORK SERVICE"?  Or is something deeper
required to ensure complete and proper ownership transferral?

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