how to connect cygwin using named pipes or virtual serial port from vmware

abhishek srivastava
Mon Jul 4 10:02:00 GMT 2011


i want to make cygwin connection with VMware using named pipes or virtual serial  port.

so,i need to know the process to do so.

kindly help with it. TCP/IP doesnt really helps.

thank you 


Greetings, abhishek srivastava!

> i had installed cygwin on windows 7 on which i am planning to run ecos.
> i am also having vmware onto which ubuntu is installed.

> now i want to connect both using "named pipes".i have configured vmware and
> created named pipes but i could not find one in cygwin.
> how and where to find it.,my requirement is i want to use cygwin as host and
> vmware as target system and run my application program on vmware. 
> so proper communication is needed to be established. i am using on laptop so
> no serial ports present.virtual serial port connection is again not clear
> with cygwin. 
> also put some light on connection between vmware & cygwin using virtual
> serial port. provide some material that could help me understand and
> implement that.  

What is the REAL issue you want to deal with?
SSH connection to the VM? Use TCP...

Andrey Repin ( 01.07.2011, <17:24>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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