grub install with cygwin

Christian Franke
Fri Jul 8 18:07:00 GMT 2011

J.V. wrote:
> So I would have to create the /etc/default/ directory since it does 
> not exist in cygwin.
> /etc/defaults/ does exist (with an s at the end).
> When I boot, I am presented with
> grub>

Does /boot/grub/grub.cfg exist?
Does it contain menuentry {...} statements?
Is it accessible from grub shell?

It may be the case that grub-mkconfig does not find the boot partitions. 
Then you need to manually add menuentry statements via /etc/grub.d scripts.

> but what I wish is to have a graphical login.   Simply running 
> /usr/sbin/grub-mkconfig should do this correct?

Not necessarily. It at least requires grub-fonts package and the font 
file must be accessible from grub.

> So for the packaging I guess I would change grub to look for 
> /etc/defaults/grub instead of /etc/default/grub 

No, /etc/defaults has a different purpose - it provides default versions 
(e.g. /etc/defaults/etc/profile) of configurations files (e.g. 

> and also figure out why it does not present a graphical login.

The /etc/default/grub file is not needed because GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT 
already defaults to gfxterm and GRUB_FONT_PATH should be correctly set 
if grub-fonts package is installed. Please check the generated grub.cfg 
file whether it contains a "if loadfont ...; then ... insmod gfxterm;". block.


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