vi in rxvt-Session really slow

René Berber
Fri Jul 8 22:03:00 GMT 2011

On 7/8/2011 2:27 PM, Dieter wrote:

> Originally it was set to rxvt-cygwin-native

That will only be recognized on systems with a recent terminfo, Linux
mostly.  I change it to rxvt since I use Solaris most of the time, and
it doesn't recognize cygwin or any derivatives (of course I could modify

> Details to my vi-problem:
> When I press Enter after "vi /etc/resolv.conf" it needs around 4 seconds to open
> the vi-Editor on a multicore-machine... when I connect to the same machine using
> putty or ssh in the basic-bash-console instead of the cygwin-ssh-client in a
> rxvt-terminal there is no noticeable delay between pressing Enter and appearing
> the vi-screen.
> Any hints?

With a Windows console TERM is set to cygwin, which explains the other
answer you found.

The problem is not on Cygwin, but on the other end, whatever it is... as
I said, I don't see the problem with either Solaris or Linux (several
versions of both).

A workaround could be to use vim (which is the usual vi on Linux) or any
of the other variants of vi.

A solution depends on what the real problem is, vim has options to not
load plugins (which many times are a PITA), not use .vimrc, and to
change the terminal type; I would use those to see if the problem is
caused by any of those 3.
René Berber

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