Win7 home premium download: problem or just ignorance. both?

oren goren
Sat Jul 9 16:45:00 GMT 2011

on my emachine e525 W7 home premium I downloaded/installed per the
gatech http mirror.

accepting all install defaults I ended up with two desktop icons.

(A)  the cygwin logo named cygwin.  I clicked on it and got (1) 2-3
sample/suggest command lines, (2) my user id, (3) the prompt. I didn't
know which if any suggested command to take so exited.

(B) a folder icon labelled with the gatech url (%3a, %2f for :, /).
The folder contained  folder 'release' and file setup. 'release
contained folder containing tars for unix commands.

Although the name 'setup' I have not discovered the way - if any - to use it.

Please lead me out of the woods; I have fallen and can't get up.  Did
anyone hear?

Hopefully thankfull:

True Basic user for now.

Bless the beasts and children.

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